<aside> 💡 Hiring an editor isn’t difficult



I’ve got a YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/aliabdaal) with 250k subscribers. I try to make 1-2 videos per week about a wide range of topics covering medicine, technology, education and productivity. I also work full time as a doctor at Addenbrooke’s Hospital (Cambridge), and so I’m finding it increasingly more difficult to make the time for filming + editing consistently alongside the day job. I’m looking for someone to help with the editing side of things. I can supply the 4K video files + external audio via Google Drive and I need a hand with editing them into the final product. Preferably with Final Cut Pro, as that’s what I’ve been using for 2 years, which means I’d be able to make final changes to the project before exporting. But I’m proficient enough with Premiere to work with that if you’d prefer.

Is this something you think you’d be open to building a long term relationship with? Feel free to have a look at my YouTube channel for an idea of my editing style.

Looking forward to hearing from you!